Omowunmi is an application that delivers health education via SMS and voice calls to expectant and new mothers based on their Last Menstrual period (LMP) and delivery date respectively.

These messages provide information on the benefits of attending antenatal care and the importance of having a Skilled Birth Attendant (SBA) to take delivery. It also educates them on the physiological and psychological changes to expect in their body and important milestones in the development of their baby. Reminders on clinic and immunization days are also included.

The messages are delivered based on the last menstrual period and the delivery date of expectant and new mothers respectively. As a result, expectant mothers receive messages that are specific for their gestational age and new mothers receive messages that are dependent on the age of their child.

Why Education?
Health education will lead to an increase in the level of utilization of health services and decrease in the level of ignorance among expectant and new mothers. These will have the overall effect of reducing maternal and newborn mortality in Nigeria.

Why mobile technology?
Mobile phones are ubiquitous and have a penetration that exceeds 75%. As at July 2013, it is believed that there are over 114 million active mobile phone users in Nigeria (Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) website).